Mobile Car Diagnostics

Mobile Car Diagnostics

Kent Vehicle Solutions offers a Mobile Car Diagnostic Service If you have an Airbag Light, Engine Light Or ABS light, This indicates a fault is currently happening or has happened and will stay on. This is an MOT Failure having any of these lights on from 2017.  

Diagnosing the problem NOW could be critical as the problem’s tend to only get worse. When we carry out this diagnostics we will also carry out a full system health check and your will get a report of any problems. 

Do you have that annoying service light flashing at you when you first start your car This is nothing to worry about, it’s not showing a fault on your car but simply reminding you the car is due or overdue it’s annual service, We can also reset service lights. 

We Cover most of Kent and London

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Most Makes/Models

We can cover Most vehicles

No Damage

No Damage Will be caused to your vehicle when we plug in our diagnostic machine

Mobile Service

We can come to wherever your vehicle is

Fast Service

We can sometimes come out same day or next day (Subject to availability)

EML Light

EML Light

An engine management light, or EML (sometimes also called the 'check engine light') is a dashboard warning light that illuminates when an issue with your car's engine, exhaust or emissions system has cropped up.

Airbag Light

Airbag Light

The airbag light is an indicator that there is a problem with the vehicle's Supplemental Restraint System. This system includes various crash sensors and the airbags themselves.



The ABS warning light is an icon on a vehicle's dashboard that alerts the driver to a potential problem with the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). The ABS on a car, truck, or SUV prevents the wheels from locking up when a driver slams on the brake pedal in an emergency situation or on a wet or slippery surface.

Kent Vehicle Solutions Mobile Car Diagnostic's

Do You have an Engine, Abs, Airbag light come on your dash? Or possibly another Light your unsure of?

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